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Bitcoin investment returns 2011-2014

There is more to Bitcoin than bitcoins. In one sense, Bitcoin is a global, peer-to-peer computer network that maintains a public, mathematically tamper-proof accounting ledger of digitally signed, timestamped transactions. Under the hood, the transactions are denominated in whole numbers – the true unit of account often referred to as a satoshi. More commonly, a […]

Is volatility of bitcoin price correlated with market growth?

It is a common wisdom in Bitcoin circles that volatility of the price will diminish as market grows. The logic is based in the fact that, for a given value of a trade, the larger (or deeper) market moves less in response to that trade than a smaller market. An opposing – and often overlooked […]

Comparison of Bitcoin adoption rates across the world: December 2013

Penetration rate of Bitcoin is determined for each country based on the number of observed full nodes per 100 000 Internet users. Countries are ranked each month by relative penetration determined from two snapshots taken in the first and the third week of the month. The raw data was obtained from Bitnodes and the U.S. […]